An Asian-inspired slender game


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Segatakai is a horror adventure game that fits into the increasingly more popular slender games category; it puts you in an Asian-inspired house in the middle of a sinister forest and lets you roam about.

Segatakai's gameplay is just like all the other games in its genre: find eight pages that are strewn about the scene, trying to avoid the creature that is on the loose and is trying to find and kill you. Your only defense is a lamp, which you can turn on and off as needed.

During the adventure you'll also need keys to open certain doors. These keys can be found randomly strewn about the scene. Some will be inside closets... others on top of paintings... and others just lying on the ground.

Your mission on Segatakai will be to find the eight pages with notes that describe 'Slender' so you can escape from its claws. And it won’t be easy, considering that it will, sooner or later, start to chase you and appear where you least expect it.

Segatakai is a very good slender game that not only comes with an Asian-inspired scene and amazing graphics, but also includes terrifying sound effects and a dare system for those brave enough for it.
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